Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology

The "Escape the Haffenreffer" Virtual Game is Live

In celebration of Anthropology Day, the Haffenreffer Museum is launching the Escape the Haffenreffer virtual escape room program.

Every year, the American Anthropological Association celebrates anthropology and anthropologists around the world through the declaration of Anthropology Day. Anthropologists, classrooms, scholars, and community members share what anthropology means for them. This year, the Haffenreffer Museum is celebrating Anthropology Day with a new, online version of the Escape the Haffenreffer program created through Google Forms. This is the fifth edition of the Museum's popular escape room. The game will remain available indefinitely, although players who participate on AnthroDay, February 18th 2021, can compete for the fastest play-time and will possibly appear on the game leaderboard the following Friday, February 19th. 

If you'd like to share your victory on social media, use the hashtags #AnthroDay and #EscapeTheHaffenreffer, and tag the Haffenreffer Museum on Instagram (@haffenreffer_museum), Twitter (@HaffenrefferMus), and Facebook (@HaffenreffferMusem). 

Escape the Haffenreffer developed by Leah Burgin, Mae Jackson, Lily Willis, and Lauren Toneatto. A special thank you to all our play-testers: Byrn Pernot, Leah Hopkins, Annalisa Heppner, Jessica Nelson, Alyssa Karnes, Cathy Jackson, Kyle Deming, Amanda Young, Justin Merrow, and the Haffenreffer Museum Student Group. Supported by generous donors to the Friends of the Haffenreffer Museum.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I play after February 18th? Yes! As a special #AnthroDay event, folks who play on the 18th can compete for the fastest time and possibly appear on our “leaderboard” the following day, February 19th. The game will still be available after the 18th, but without the competition for the fastest time.
  • How can I play with friends? If you want to play with a team over Zoom, we suggest one player share their screen while everyone works together on the puzzles. If your team is working from separate screens, you can all open the game separately and work on the puzzles together, then one game-leader can submit the final answer on behalf of the whole team. If you’re playing with your pod or household, you can all work together around the same laptop or screen. Whatever works best for your team!