Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology


Internship Opportunities & Resources at the Haffenreffer Museum.

The HMA does not offer a structured internship program but supports a very limited number of unpaid internships, unpaid volunteerships, or Brown student employment opportunities for undergrad or grad students dependent on staff availability and museum needs. If you are still interested, please connect with us.

If you are a Brown student interested in paid employment, you can visit Brown University's student hiring portal and search for "museum" to find any current student employment opportunities at the HMA. 


Brown University students interested in an internship for credit can enroll in ANTH 1970 (for undergraduate students) or ANTH 2980 (for graduate students). Brown University undergraduate students can also partner with the Museum for an UTRA award.

Students from any university may propose unpaid/volunteer internship projects for the Museum. Past projects have focused on collections management, education, exhibitions, public relations, conservation, and independent research.

All interns must work with a faculty advisor from their institution and Museum staff to determine the project’s scope and timeline. Students are expected to work at least one day per week during their internship and can receive course credit or, in some cases, a small stipend.