Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology

Displayed Around Campus

Haffenreffer Museum Collections on Display Around Campus

While the Manning Hall Gallery remains the primary exhibit space for the Haffenreffer Museum, objects from the Haffenreffer Museum collection can also be spotted in satellite displays and on loan at the libraries throughout Brown University. 

Indian Art in a Global Context

"Knowledge Lost Found Shared: Indian Art in a Global Context": Stephen Robert '62 Campus CenterSatellite displays curated by Brown students, faculty, and staff highlight course topics or specific objects of interest. These cases are typically updated twice a year.

"Knowledge Lost Found Shared: Indian Art in a Global Context" was curated by Professor Holly Shaffer's class in the Department of History of Art & Architecture. The course intorduced students to the arts of India, circa 1600 to the present, with emphasis on the creation and circulation of art. This project can be viewed at the Stephen Robert '62 Campus Center. Objects demonstrating a sub-theme of the course, "Baptist Missionaries and the Great Famine of 1876," is on display at the Rockerfeller Library. 


Beatriz Marin-Aguilera

Beatriz Marin-Aguilera: Fellow, John Carter Brown LibraryThe Haffenreffer Museum collection is also displayed through loans at other galleries and institutions. The John Carter Brown Library's upcoming exhibit on the Strait of Magellan includes several objects loaned from the Haffenreffer Museum collection. A pair of 20th century Chinese lotus shoes, 19th century Fuegian miniature baskets, and  a 19th century Fuegian arrow complement the material culture illustrated in the 16th century maps and books. "African Customary Currencies" is a selection of Haffenreffer Museum objects on loan at the Hay Library.  


African Customary Currencies

"African Customary Currencies": At the Hay LibraryThroughout the year, you can find the Haffenreffer Museum's educational mission on display across campus. Loans and satellite displays present exciting opportunities for the Haffenreffer Museum to collaborate with colleagues across the Brown University community.  



If you are a Brown University department that would like to host a satellite exhibit, please email HaffenrefferMuseum@brown.edu.