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Since 1995, Robert Preucel has been collaborating with the Pueblo of Cochiti on the study of Hanat Kotyiti (Old Cochiti), an ancestral Cochiti mesa village in northern New Mexico, established in 1683 and attacked by Diego de Vargas in 1694. The project makes use of previous archaeological studies by Adolph Bandelier and Nels Nelson as well as Cochiti oral history to document social and ideological transformations during this tumultous time.  We also established a student internship program for Cochiti high school students.  This research is part of a broader project involving the study of the archaeology of the Pueblo Revolt Period (1680-1700).

Relevant Literature: 

Archaeologies of the Pueblo Revolt: Identity, Meaning, and Renewal in the Pueblo World - edited by Robert W. Preucel 

The Pueblo Revolt and the Mythology of Conquest: An Indigenous Archaeology of Contact - by Michael V. Wilcox

"Living on the Mesa: Hanat Kotyiti a Post Revolt Cochiti Community in Northern New Mexico," by Robert W. Preucel, Expedition 42(1):8-17.

"The First American Revolution: Exploring the Legacy of the New World’s Most Successful Native Rebellion," by Eric A. Powell, Archaeology Magazine, Feb 13, 2017.

Partner Organizations and Funding Organizations: 

Pueblo of Cochiti 

US Forest Service, Santa Fe National Forest 

American Phylosophical Society, Franklin Research Grant 

University of Pennsylvania Research Foundation Grant